XMAS Pure BioGlitterTM Balm/Loose
  • XMAS Pure BioGlitterTM Balm/Loose


    EcoFairy Glitters are all BioGlitterTM PURE range!

    Our Xmas range is avaliable here under this listing as a loose Signature glitter mix or as a balm.


    Glitter Balm Ingredients:

    10g BioGlitterTM, Soy Wax, Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba Oil & Organic Coconut Oil. 

    All in a 10g glitter tin (jam packed of glitter!) = totals roughly 21g of product.



    100% plastic free - THE world's 1st!

    100% biodgradable in 28days (in natural freshwater environment)

    OK Biodegradable Water Certification

    Microplastic Free

    Aluminium Free - safe for lips


    Allergen Free

    GMO Free

    Plants not plastic!

    NEW ‘Soft Focus iridescent’ glitter effect

    Sets THE standard in authenticated eco-friendly glitters.

    Cosmetic Bioglitter® PURE is not edible.


    Cosmetic Bioglitter® PURE also utilises our new patent pending plastic free natural coating technology. Pure is based on plant-derived or natural materials. Shellac is approved by the Vegetarian Society, produced from the secreted resin left behind by juvenile insects after they have swarmed the host tree. The process causes no harm, distress or interruptions of the life cycle. A natural and environmentally friendly process.


    Custom requirements/bulk orders - please email: kandochch@gmail.com


    PURE contains the same unique modified regenerated cellulose core as the original Cosmetic Bioglitter® SPARKLE.  Check out additional info...

    • More info:

      Click here !

      We at Kando "EcoFairy" are a pround licensed reseller & loving this glitter !!

    • Uses:

      Cosmetic Applications: Click here

      Deco Applications: Click here

      Although a cosmetic grade, Cosmetic Bioglitter® PURE is robust enough for use in decorative, coatings, fabrics, craft and other non-cosmetic applications.

    • Technical:

      Biodegradability: Certified OK Biodegradable WATER by TÜV

      • Guaranteed biodegradation in a natural, freshwater environment.
      • Verified Microplastic Free (EU, ECHA Microplastic Proposal, Jan 2019)
      • 100% plastic free
      • Certificated – 100% Biobased Carbon Content (Beta Analytic)
      • Ethically and sustainably sourced raw materials
      • New ‘Soft Focus Iridescent’ glitter effect
      • Excellent formulation compatibility:  Bleed resistant and suitable for dry, water based, solvent based, oil based and surfactants.
      • Antimony free
      • Silky soft feel on skin compared to polyester glitter
      • GMO free
      • Suitable for vegetarians and allergen free
      • Glitter core based on a special modified regenerated cellulose technology and natural coating, both unique to Bioglitter®. All responsibly and sustainably sourced.
      • Globally cosmetic compliant
      • Compliant with FDA legislation for use on lips (aluminium free)
      • Globally compliant with microplastic and microbead legislation
    • After Vegan BioGlitter?

      Email me: kandochch@gmail.com

      As I can get my hands on BioglitterTM that's vegan friendly, its 87% plastic free & biodegrades by 92% over 28 days in a freshwater environment.

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