Hi there, my name is Rachelle. I started face painting back in 2015 for our school, back then I had a thought, I can paint, I can make up some easy designs (only 6/8 choices) so I did my research & found a supplier since then & always used. I did my research on different paints, brands, costs & found the one! So I did that school fundraiser, kept my designs, left the paint with the school for them to use every year since. Its always very popular!

2016 Is where BIG changes happened for me, long story short, ditched the ex & moved forward & excelled in my face painting business. It helps when you have the right people supporting you & encouraging you to 'go for it'!

So with the 'You've got this!" attitude... I started doing regular markets to get my name out there, which grew to many amazing events that I've attended, many birthday parties, met many faces that I still know & paint today, fun work-dos where I can see the staff having a blast & kids being kids with happy painted faces, I've helped other schools raise funds where I give back a percentage, including a ballet studio which I had many ballet girls waiting until they've danced their routine to come check if I'm still there, so I had to wait for them haha.


2018 We invested in & took over an Airbrushing company. One of the best decisions for us along with purchasing an electric car, which is my must have love! I adore that car. So I've noticed & become more eco friendly myself, using less bags, saying no to shop assistants for one... Which is now why I'm aiming to become a Bio Glitter Stockist. With the bio glitter pure being 100% plastic free, the bio glitter sparkle range (more colour range & released before pure) still has a bit of plastic in the coating, while still being bio degradable, they are going to work on removing all plastic from the range. Anyway I aim to change my actual face paint/glitter tattoo kit to bio glitter, but that won't happen over night...    

My Hire Services still include: GlitterBar, Facepainter & Glitter Tattooist, Airbrush Tattooist

(Rachelle)             (Rachelle)                 (James or Rach)

Three professional set ups! We supply everything needed for your event or party!

Gazebo & generator available as extras.

2019 I've finally decided to bite the bullet & open up my shop, I've been wanting to do this for a long time & took the plunge! I can supply anyone face paints, if you purchase paints & unsure how to use them, I'd love to help you out, give you some tips, show you how-to etc. I'm here. Fundraiser nights, ask me if I'm available to help or see what would work best. As a professional I know what is a must have to get the job done quick & efficiently vs what takes longer & both are effective. 

Late September, I'm finally fully stocked & labelled up!!

BioglitterTM is HERE!!! Now I can finally convert my own professional kit to BioglitterTM!

I'm also a licenced seller of BioglitterTM - I stock the PURE range, made from PLANTS not plastic, 100% plastic free, 100% biodegradable over 28days in freshwater environment. Its amazing, so soft & iridescent, its beautiful & has a lovely texture if you look closely. It has very many uses & you'll find these on my facebook page & listed under products, I have links directing back to BioglitterTM website for information & facts & uses... You've gotta try it & everyone needs to finally convert to BioglitterTM in anything they do & make, instead of banning plastic altogether, use BioglitterTM!

(YES get rid of plastic glitter asap!)  

I just want to spread the facepainter world to you all.

I love what I do & love all the support I've received from everyone, especially everyone who purchases a $3 tattoo or a $5 face paint, it means the world to us & every purchase makes us do a lil happy dance, so thank you.

Hugs xoxo

Rach & James